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Life Coaching Services

The primary goal of life coaching is deepening life’s happiness and success.

The essence of outdoor coaching is in the environment. 

Everything in the environment can be used as metaphors that deepen the topics of the coaching process.

Outdoor life coaching can be done in any climate and under all weather conditions

as these can also be used to symbolise our mental and emotional processes.

The environment provides inspiration and clarity.

Hiking in Nature
Woodland Path

First session online

Prior to working outdoors, we will have a 15-minute free introductory session. This can take place over the telephone or via the online platform Zoom.

During the introductory session, we will discuss your goals and decide upon the venue for your first session outdoors. We can also decide how many outdoor sessions you might want to have.


Client and counsellor to agree upon an outdoor venue.

We can pick from a number of route options based on your level of fitness, health and ability.

You need to ensure that you can transport yourself to and from whichever location you choose.


Outdoor sessions take place Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays between 10am-4pm.

Sessions are 1 hour 30 minutes long to allow sufficient time for the coaching process and return to the starting point.

Life coaching sessions take place in any weather except in hazardous conditions, such as during high winds or a storm. Sessions will be rescheduled if it is deemed unsafe to proceed.

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